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These are our larger stage shows that we perform for schools, libraries, shopping malls, parks and other similar venues.  Click here for information on birthday parties.
small carousel horse
Circus on Strings

brings you variety under the big top, featuring large and colorful marionettes performing to a wide range of music.  The performance opens with a demonstration of how marionettes work and then it's on with the show!  You'll see juggling clowns, a ballerina, a cat on a trapeze, and many more circus acts to delight and enthrall all ages.  There's lots of audience participation, too!  This show is perfect for indoor or outdoor entertainment.

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Bobo the Clown from 'Circus on Strings'

Yankee Doodle Revue Yankee Doodle Revue
Show your patriotic spirit with our latest show, an all-American musical revue celebrating the United States of America. Join us as we bring American icons to life, including Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty. Some lucky audience members will even get to help Betsy Ross make the first American flag. You'll have a Yankee Doodle Dandy of a time! This show is suitable for all ages and is perfect for either indoor or outdoor entertainment.

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Monster Revue

is a wacky, musical variety show performed with large and colorful marionettes, hand puppets and rod puppets who perform their own individual numbers to a wide selection of music.  Watch out for a goofy Martian, hairy space critters, a creature that juggles his head and many other friendly and funny-looking monsters.  Monster Revue is fun entertainment any time of year.  Guaranteed to bring lots of laughs and geared toward children of all ages.

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Marty the Martian from 'Monster Revue'

Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood
Just how bad is the Big Bad Wolf? Does he make a meal of Little Red Riding Hood? To find out, you'll have to join us in our latest production, a fun re-telling of a classic story that has been enjoyed by children for generations.  Cheer as Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma and Bob the Cat get the best of the Big Bad Wolf in this funny, musical show.  Find out what really happened in this tale told with new hand and rod puppet creations from Carousel Puppets!  Fun for all ages.

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Holly Follies
A Holiday Puppet Show
Come with us to the North Pole where Holly the Elf is hosting a talent show.  Frosty the Snowman, singing sled dogs, an ice-skating teddy bear and others stand by ready to get you into the holiday spirit.  And don't miss the sing along with Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Join us in this holiday extravaganza that is guaranteed to enchant audiences of all ages.

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Susan and Rudolph from 'The Holly Follies'

Anansi, Turtle and Susan from 'Folk Tales' Folk Tales
is a set of three folk tales from around the world performed with masks and puppets.  From Spain, there's a story of Half-Chick who learns, the hard way, the importance of helping others in need.  In Anansi and the Turtle, a story from Africa, Anansi the Spider learns what happens when you try to trick a friend.  Finally, we travel to Japan and meet The Stonecutter, who learns that getting what you wish for won't necessarily bring you happiness.  These multi-cultural stories will delight and educate children about good values and judgement.

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Spring Fling

Spring is here! And Mother Nature is on hand to make sure it stays. Join her and her friends as they perform Spring Fling.  You'll see bunnies, birds and a host of woodland creatures dancing their way into the season.  Come clap along with the Bunny Hoppers.  You may even be able to help the Jolly Frogs with their annual Frog Hop. Don't miss a special appearance by Humpty Dumpty! This colorful and musical puppet show will delight children of all ages. It features large marionettes and hand puppets, too.

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Humpty Dumpty from 'Spring Fling'
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